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God Does Not Exist 1





Philosophy Links


Concepts of God - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


God and Other Necessary Beings—Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Teleological Arguments for the Existence of God—Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


The Ontological Argument for God’s Existence—Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy





True Believers


Christianity—All About God DOT COM


Roman Catholicism


Hinduism Today




Taoism—Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


African Traditional Religion


Native North American Religions


Apologetics—Christian Responses to Arguments Against the Existence of God


Who Is God?


God Talks to Me


Does God Exist?





God Is Imaginary


(Really, the best source for arguments against the existence of God can be found in the ‘Philosophy Links’ section of this entry.  As far as which concept of God (e.g. Taoists, Christian, etc.) is correct/best/etc., it seems we would have to delve much more deeply into a detailed and thorough analysis of each concept presented.  Feel free.)