How To Think About Weird Things

(summer course) 


Required Texts

-  How to Think About Weird Things, Schick & Vaughn

-  Other readings will be made available via the Blackboard site for this course

Course Strategy

The primary objective of this course is to develop your mature reasoning about when you ought to believe that something is the case.  The focus on 'weird things' (i.e. werewolves, zombies, vampires, time travel, ESP, telepathy, UFOs, etc.) simply allows us to explore entry-level critical thinking with a bit of fun.

The course primarily employs a project-based learning strategy to structure the curriculum.


-  Generally: Belief, Justification, and Knowledge

  -  Interesting specifics: Problem of Induction, Confirmation Theory, Epistemic Defeat

-  Generally: Metaphysics

 -  Interesting specifics:  Possibility, Properties, Nature of Time

Weird Links